"Live Fast Die Young"

1916 Easter Rising in Ireland

At the turn the century Dublin was a ticking time bomb,  many years of suppression, destitution and fear turned the Irish against their “leader” Britain.  The Irish Republican Brotherhood had decided that a rebellion must occur and at some time during the war.  Professor MacNeill, the leader of the group had set up a parade to be held on Easter Sunday.  Later Macneill found out the parade was going to be the base of the rebellion and cancelled it.  The “promised” aid from Germany had fallen through, and in spite of MacNeill’s order, a few Irish decided to go ahead with the rebellion.  James Connolly, Joseph Plunkett , Tom Clarke and Patrick Pearse were the leaders of the 1,000 man force.  On April 24, 1916, the Monday after Easter,  the rebels took over many buildings in Dublin.  Despite enormous odds, the Irish rebels held out for about a week, until they were confronted by 20,000 British soldiers.

“They think they have forseen everything, but the fools! the fools! the fools! they have left us our Fenian dead; and while Ireland holds these graves “Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.”         – from Pearse’s Oration


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